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Meet our new board member, Chris Whiteside!

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19a)

Meet our board member, Chris!

Meet our board member, Chris!

“I can’t get enough of Haiti now. There’s always something different.”

If you talk to Chris, it’s impossible to miss the passion for getting his hands dirty and helping, especially on a mission trip. Yet, a few years ago, his perception of mission trips was different. He thought trips geared toward spreading the gospel were for Bible-thumping people whose intentions were to change people to think like them. Now, he realizes trips are about helping somebody. And through that service, he is the one who is changed.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Chris first went to Haiti not expecting change. If people are asked about participating on a mission trip, they may say, “Let me pray about it,” but never go. Chris, and his wife, Terri, prayed about participating after attending a meeting for those interested in going to Haiti at church. They said yes, and brought their son along so he could have the experience before going to college. Chris answered the call to “go” as it says in Matthew 28:19.

From that trip, one fond memory marks the change in Chris. Chris and other teammates were waiting in front of a grocery store in an open-air truck. A Haitian looked at Chris and said in English, “Welcome home.” Now, although Chris may not be at home, his favorite part of going to Haiti is getting off the plane and breathing the smelly humid air and saying to himself, “Welcome home.”

While at “home,” Chris connects with the worship. Whether water is running down the walls from the storm outside, or the church is standing room only at 6 am, Chris admires the Haitian Christians for their worship. He appreciates seeing all ages involved, and how the younger adults take charge of being ushers for the older attendees at church services. “It’s fascinating to us, but everyday life to them,” Chris says.

Chris still travels to his “home” in Haiti. He also works diligently on behalf of Hope for Haiti, an organization that connects American Christian churches with the 13 churches and 8 schools in Haiti who are making a difference in their local community. From sponsoring children, to rebuilding vehicles, to creating gutters out of PVC piping, Chris is ready to apply a helping hand. With a smile in his voice, he says, “I never knew missions would be like this.”

Do you feel your response should be to make a change in your own life? Visit to learn more about Chris and how you can support Hope for Haiti.



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