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     When you go to Haiti, you may come back with purple hands. For a team that traveled to Haiti for Camp Meeting in April 2017, peeling eggplants was their service project. Not with potato peelers, but with knives. Hundreds of people came to the multi-day retreat which featured worship, teaching, and of course, eating meals together. The line stretched from the kitchen around the back of the church, to the far side, reaching the stage area. The assembly line seemed to keep people moving quickly. “It’s hard to explain what you saw,” says Chris in his Tennessee drawl, “I’ve never seen so many people.” Women prepared the meals, late into the night. The truck bed became the children’s temporary bedroom while the peeling for the next day’s meals continued. Even the ladies took naps in the truck. Terri, part of the American team said, “The ladies worked around the clock.” Sometimes the ladies took naps in shifts in the truck bed with the children. The food was tasty and well received.

Yet, the food that was eaten was not the greatest food of all. “Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty’” (John 6:35). Eighteen people came to meet Jesus for the first time or submit their lives to Him—before the pastor’s preaching began. The people at the camp meeting were hungry!


Be on the lookout for a fresh look! Hope for Haiti will be changing its logo in the upcoming months. You’ll begin to see the new logo on our: Blog, Website, Facebook, and other printed materials.

P.S. Thank you to all our partners who sponsor children in Haiti. We appreciate your prayers for your child and their families. May the Lord bless you for your ministry. We also appreciate those who may not donate financially but donate time, skills, and ongoing prayers for Hope for Haiti. We look forward to what God will do to glorify His name because of your support. Thank you.


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Present – Past – “Future”

3rd in a Three Part Series

Looking to the “Future”
Proverbs 29:18 from the Message – “If people can’t see what God is
doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what He
reveals, they are most blessed.”
Putting it into practice, that’s what is happening as the EMEVI Team
takes a step for the Future. Next year will take the team to Fort Liberte on
the north shore not far from Cap Haitien. As they see the Lord moving
they continue to do their best to stay in step, so next year, a day will be
added to the trip to allow for more time of ministry and outreach. August
8th-16th, 2017. They will, also, move the time frame up in August so there
is no conflict with the start of school. Fort Liberte has some history to it so
the EMEVI Team will also receive a hands on education seeing the Fort as
well as some statues that have been set in place to honor those that
made sacrifices for their freedom.
A heritage is not only being seen from the past but being built
within the folks that participate in these trips. Today it is being passed
onto the next generation. Lives are being changed, not only for the day
but, for an eternity as many commit their lives to Christ.
Others are being trained or discipled to take on leadership roles.
There is a Vision for the Future. We have a responsibility to respond. So,
what Vision has the Lord shared with you? Don’t forget the past, don’t
miss today, respond to the divine appointments He places right before


Hope for Haiti

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September 2014 Newsletter

September 2014 Newsletter

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August 2014 Newsletter

August 2014 Newsletter

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Newsletter June 2014

Newsletter June 2014

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May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

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