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Meet our new board member, Chris Whiteside!

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19a)

Meet our board member, Chris!

Meet our board member, Chris!

“I can’t get enough of Haiti now. There’s always something different.”

If you talk to Chris, it’s impossible to miss the passion for getting his hands dirty and helping, especially on a mission trip. Yet, a few years ago, his perception of mission trips was different. He thought trips geared toward spreading the gospel were for Bible-thumping people whose intentions were to change people to think like them. Now, he realizes trips are about helping somebody. And through that service, he is the one who is changed.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Chris first went to Haiti not expecting change. If people are asked about participating on a mission trip, they may say, “Let me pray about it,” but never go. Chris, and his wife, Terri, prayed about participating after attending a meeting for those interested in going to Haiti at church. They said yes, and brought their son along so he could have the experience before going to college. Chris answered the call to “go” as it says in Matthew 28:19.

From that trip, one fond memory marks the change in Chris. Chris and other teammates were waiting in front of a grocery store in an open-air truck. A Haitian looked at Chris and said in English, “Welcome home.” Now, although Chris may not be at home, his favorite part of going to Haiti is getting off the plane and breathing the smelly humid air and saying to himself, “Welcome home.”

While at “home,” Chris connects with the worship. Whether water is running down the walls from the storm outside, or the church is standing room only at 6 am, Chris admires the Haitian Christians for their worship. He appreciates seeing all ages involved, and how the younger adults take charge of being ushers for the older attendees at church services. “It’s fascinating to us, but everyday life to them,” Chris says.

Chris still travels to his “home” in Haiti. He also works diligently on behalf of Hope for Haiti, an organization that connects American Christian churches with the 13 churches and 8 schools in Haiti who are making a difference in their local community. From sponsoring children, to rebuilding vehicles, to creating gutters out of PVC piping, Chris is ready to apply a helping hand. With a smile in his voice, he says, “I never knew missions would be like this.”

Do you feel your response should be to make a change in your own life? Visit to learn more about Chris and how you can support Hope for Haiti.



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     When you go to Haiti, you may come back with purple hands. For a team that traveled to Haiti for Camp Meeting in April 2017, peeling eggplants was their service project. Not with potato peelers, but with knives. Hundreds of people came to the multi-day retreat which featured worship, teaching, and of course, eating meals together. The line stretched from the kitchen around the back of the church, to the far side, reaching the stage area. The assembly line seemed to keep people moving quickly. “It’s hard to explain what you saw,” says Chris in his Tennessee drawl, “I’ve never seen so many people.” Women prepared the meals, late into the night. The truck bed became the children’s temporary bedroom while the peeling for the next day’s meals continued. Even the ladies took naps in the truck. Terri, part of the American team said, “The ladies worked around the clock.” Sometimes the ladies took naps in shifts in the truck bed with the children. The food was tasty and well received.

Yet, the food that was eaten was not the greatest food of all. “Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty’” (John 6:35). Eighteen people came to meet Jesus for the first time or submit their lives to Him—before the pastor’s preaching began. The people at the camp meeting were hungry!


Be on the lookout for a fresh look! Hope for Haiti will be changing its logo in the upcoming months. You’ll begin to see the new logo on our: Blog, Website, Facebook, and other printed materials.

P.S. Thank you to all our partners who sponsor children in Haiti. We appreciate your prayers for your child and their families. May the Lord bless you for your ministry. We also appreciate those who may not donate financially but donate time, skills, and ongoing prayers for Hope for Haiti. We look forward to what God will do to glorify His name because of your support. Thank you.

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Meet our new board member, Austin Passons!Austin 2013 with Dor
…so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:11(NIV)
The tone of his voice signaled pure excitement. A phone call with board member Austin Passons revealed why Hope for Haiti is important to him by his words and his passionate heart. We chatted about the reasons why Austin supports Hope for Haiti.

The first reason is because of the opportunity to visit the child he sponsors through his church. He knows firsthand the child he sponsors is a real person, with a real need. He reports something special when he travels to Haiti and says, “Bonjour!” to his sponsored child. He’s been able to watch the child grow, and for Austin, “that’s so special.”

Austin mentioned how he also sees the work being done, which is another reason why he supports Hope for Haiti. Children get an education and a meal. Some families, because of the care of an American like you or Austin, get a goat or a cow. Medical attention is available. The gap between reading God’s Word and putting it into action is closed through Hope for Haiti.

Hope for Haiti gives Austin a platform to talk about his faith. Austin is also able to share the good news without being pushy to those who are not ready to hear about Jesus.
When Austin met Christ, he did not want to see anyone miss an opportunity to meet Christ. His passion overran his sensitivity to where people are in their spiritual journey. Now, he realizes God’s not asked him to save everyone. Instead, God asks us to make the introduction, and let Him speak to their heart. “I don’t have to push it,” he says. He realizes that Hope for Haiti is one way to talk about an organization he’s involved in and mention the base of the mission is Christ.
Supporting Hope for Haiti provides Austin a way to see God’s Word in action. Austin
loves to share about God and Hope for Haiti. On one such trip, the leading pastor asked the children to quote the Bible. Austin was expecting, “Jesus wept” (John 10:10) or John 3:16… familiar verses to many people. But instead, the children started with one verse, that led to another, and another, and eventually the kids finished an entire chapter. Austin saw Isaiah 55:11 in action: it will “accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” In fact, you could say each of Austin’s experiences fulfills Isaiah 55:11. None of his time with Hope for Haiti has been wasted. This trip where children quoted a chapter of the Bible is like many others for Austin. He’s visited half a dozen times and says, “I never come back disappointed.” These are just a few reasons why Austin is passionate about Hope for Haiti.
Want to know more? Visit to learn more
about Austin and how you can support Hope for Haiti.

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Present – Past – “Future”

3rd in a Three Part Series

Looking to the “Future”
Proverbs 29:18 from the Message – “If people can’t see what God is
doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what He
reveals, they are most blessed.”
Putting it into practice, that’s what is happening as the EMEVI Team
takes a step for the Future. Next year will take the team to Fort Liberte on
the north shore not far from Cap Haitien. As they see the Lord moving
they continue to do their best to stay in step, so next year, a day will be
added to the trip to allow for more time of ministry and outreach. August
8th-16th, 2017. They will, also, move the time frame up in August so there
is no conflict with the start of school. Fort Liberte has some history to it so
the EMEVI Team will also receive a hands on education seeing the Fort as
well as some statues that have been set in place to honor those that
made sacrifices for their freedom.
A heritage is not only being seen from the past but being built
within the folks that participate in these trips. Today it is being passed
onto the next generation. Lives are being changed, not only for the day
but, for an eternity as many commit their lives to Christ.
Others are being trained or discipled to take on leadership roles.
There is a Vision for the Future. We have a responsibility to respond. So,
what Vision has the Lord shared with you? Don’t forget the past, don’t
miss today, respond to the divine appointments He places right before


Hope for Haiti

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EMEVI Missions
1st in a Three Part SeriesScreenshot_20160825-100132

Pilate, Haiti
Present Day August 18th-22nd
This years trip included a total of 102 people from the EMEVI system. 19
of those were children ranging in age from 5 to 14. Imagine taking 102 people
anywhere, let alone in Haiti finding a place to stay and all the arrangements
that go with it. While traveling one of the trucks carrying people lost it’s brakes
in a mountainous area north of Gonaives. Thankfully they were able to stop the
truck then shuttle the folks the rest of the way to Pilate. God’s hand of
God’s provision brought lumber, metal for doors, clothing and bedding,
medical supplies and food. Medical supplies were donated to the local
hospital that was in dire need. Clothing and bedding came from multiple
sources and was passed out to as many as had need. 3 Doors were constructed
from the metal for a school without doors, using a welder that they brought
with them. And the lumber, well just before departing for the trip Marcel was
stirred to bring it along. A platform was constructed and used for a three day
outdoor crusade.
The Body of Christ working together. The gospel was shared from door
to door and they let the people know of the crusade as they went. 3 speakers
shared, one for each day. Marcel wrapped things up and over this time 28
people gave their lives to the Lord. Many others renewed their commitment to
the Lord, also. So, do you think the local pastor was encouraged? Marcel said
he was awesome as well as the people they worked with there.
Please continue to pray as you feel led for Marcel and his team with
EMEVI. There’s much more to share so watch for the next installment called

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This is a follow up to the previous post.  A week later and the kids are strong and healthy. It all started somewhere…

Planting the smallest of seeds may produce a harvest beyond imagination. A number of years ago our friends Jim and Liz took a team to a remote location in Haiti called Ba-taille. From that trip others followed and in time a few doctors joined in bringing much needed clinics to many locations around the St Marc area. A building was leased and regular clinics and training for midwives was started in what we call “up the mountain.” This area is very difficult to get to so most medical situations are dealt with on the spot where there are minimal supplies. First and foremost prayers for those in need .

Triplets w mom

The story continues. Someone purchased 3 goats, one for each of the children. Mom and children are currently with her parents and will walk the 3 hours back home in the next couple weeks.

Goats for tripletsTriplet 3Triplet 2Triplet 1

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Shared from Amanda Blackwood’s post

f I was a blogger this would be called Another Miracle on the Mountain. In Haiti, Pastor Marcel and 2 EMEVI nurses go up in the mountains every 2 weeks for clinic. It just “happened” to be clinic time so they were in the mountains yesterday (June 17th). Last evening a woman showed up at the clinic. She had delivered a 3 1/2 lb. baby yesterday morning. The midwife knew there was still another baby in there. After waiting the whole day and the 2nd baby not coming, the midwife, mom and new baby walked 3 hours in heavy rain to the EMEVI clinic (with a hemoglobin of 7.4). Because of the heavy rains Pastor Marcel couldn’t drive them down the mountain to the hospital. So Pastor called Dr. Thompson here in the states for some tele-medicine assistance. Knowing what meds and equipment were in the clinic she gave them their instructions. Then she texted some of us and asked for prayers for the mom, second baby, Pastor and nurses. I immediately texted my prayer warriors! She communicated with them in Haiti off and on for a few hours. Imagine her surprise when after midnight, our time, Pastor calls with the news there wasn’t just 1 more baby but 2!! Triplets!! All girls, one weighing 3 1/2 lbs (the first one) and the next 2 weighing 6 1/2 lbs a piece! The mom walked 3 hours in the rain 12 hours after delivering 1 baby, still in labor with 13 more pounds of baby. Can you even imagine?? In the midst of this the generator ran out of gas and they finished all this without electricity. Pastor called this morning and they had dismissed them to go home. (It is Haiti.) Everyone was doing well at this point. 😊 God’s provision is so wonderfully amazing. The power of prayer is so wonderfully amazing. I would like to ask for continued prayer for these 3 little miracles! Bondye bon! (God is good in Haitian Creole.)

2016-06 Triplets

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