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Meet our new board member, Austin Passons!Austin 2013 with Dor
…so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:11(NIV)
The tone of his voice signaled pure excitement. A phone call with board member Austin Passons revealed why Hope for Haiti is important to him by his words and his passionate heart. We chatted about the reasons why Austin supports Hope for Haiti.

The first reason is because of the opportunity to visit the child he sponsors through his church. He knows firsthand the child he sponsors is a real person, with a real need. He reports something special when he travels to Haiti and says, “Bonjour!” to his sponsored child. He’s been able to watch the child grow, and for Austin, “that’s so special.”

Austin mentioned how he also sees the work being done, which is another reason why he supports Hope for Haiti. Children get an education and a meal. Some families, because of the care of an American like you or Austin, get a goat or a cow. Medical attention is available. The gap between reading God’s Word and putting it into action is closed through Hope for Haiti.

Hope for Haiti gives Austin a platform to talk about his faith. Austin is also able to share the good news without being pushy to those who are not ready to hear about Jesus.
When Austin met Christ, he did not want to see anyone miss an opportunity to meet Christ. His passion overran his sensitivity to where people are in their spiritual journey. Now, he realizes God’s not asked him to save everyone. Instead, God asks us to make the introduction, and let Him speak to their heart. “I don’t have to push it,” he says. He realizes that Hope for Haiti is one way to talk about an organization he’s involved in and mention the base of the mission is Christ.
Supporting Hope for Haiti provides Austin a way to see God’s Word in action. Austin
loves to share about God and Hope for Haiti. On one such trip, the leading pastor asked the children to quote the Bible. Austin was expecting, “Jesus wept” (John 10:10) or John 3:16… familiar verses to many people. But instead, the children started with one verse, that led to another, and another, and eventually the kids finished an entire chapter. Austin saw Isaiah 55:11 in action: it will “accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” In fact, you could say each of Austin’s experiences fulfills Isaiah 55:11. None of his time with Hope for Haiti has been wasted. This trip where children quoted a chapter of the Bible is like many others for Austin. He’s visited half a dozen times and says, “I never come back disappointed.” These are just a few reasons why Austin is passionate about Hope for Haiti.
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