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EMEVI Missions
1st in a Three Part SeriesScreenshot_20160825-100132

Pilate, Haiti
Present Day August 18th-22nd
This years trip included a total of 102 people from the EMEVI system. 19
of those were children ranging in age from 5 to 14. Imagine taking 102 people
anywhere, let alone in Haiti finding a place to stay and all the arrangements
that go with it. While traveling one of the trucks carrying people lost it’s brakes
in a mountainous area north of Gonaives. Thankfully they were able to stop the
truck then shuttle the folks the rest of the way to Pilate. God’s hand of
God’s provision brought lumber, metal for doors, clothing and bedding,
medical supplies and food. Medical supplies were donated to the local
hospital that was in dire need. Clothing and bedding came from multiple
sources and was passed out to as many as had need. 3 Doors were constructed
from the metal for a school without doors, using a welder that they brought
with them. And the lumber, well just before departing for the trip Marcel was
stirred to bring it along. A platform was constructed and used for a three day
outdoor crusade.
The Body of Christ working together. The gospel was shared from door
to door and they let the people know of the crusade as they went. 3 speakers
shared, one for each day. Marcel wrapped things up and over this time 28
people gave their lives to the Lord. Many others renewed their commitment to
the Lord, also. So, do you think the local pastor was encouraged? Marcel said
he was awesome as well as the people they worked with there.
Please continue to pray as you feel led for Marcel and his team with
EMEVI. There’s much more to share so watch for the next installment called

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