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This is a follow up to the previous post.  A week later and the kids are strong and healthy. It all started somewhere…

Planting the smallest of seeds may produce a harvest beyond imagination. A number of years ago our friends Jim and Liz took a team to a remote location in Haiti called Ba-taille. From that trip others followed and in time a few doctors joined in bringing much needed clinics to many locations around the St Marc area. A building was leased and regular clinics and training for midwives was started in what we call “up the mountain.” This area is very difficult to get to so most medical situations are dealt with on the spot where there are minimal supplies. First and foremost prayers for those in need .

Triplets w mom

The story continues. Someone purchased 3 goats, one for each of the children. Mom and children are currently with her parents and will walk the 3 hours back home in the next couple weeks.

Goats for tripletsTriplet 3Triplet 2Triplet 1


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