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f I was a blogger this would be called Another Miracle on the Mountain. In Haiti, Pastor Marcel and 2 EMEVI nurses go up in the mountains every 2 weeks for clinic. It just “happened” to be clinic time so they were in the mountains yesterday (June 17th). Last evening a woman showed up at the clinic. She had delivered a 3 1/2 lb. baby yesterday morning. The midwife knew there was still another baby in there. After waiting the whole day and the 2nd baby not coming, the midwife, mom and new baby walked 3 hours in heavy rain to the EMEVI clinic (with a hemoglobin of 7.4). Because of the heavy rains Pastor Marcel couldn’t drive them down the mountain to the hospital. So Pastor called Dr. Thompson here in the states for some tele-medicine assistance. Knowing what meds and equipment were in the clinic she gave them their instructions. Then she texted some of us and asked for prayers for the mom, second baby, Pastor and nurses. I immediately texted my prayer warriors! She communicated with them in Haiti off and on for a few hours. Imagine her surprise when after midnight, our time, Pastor calls with the news there wasn’t just 1 more baby but 2!! Triplets!! All girls, one weighing 3 1/2 lbs (the first one) and the next 2 weighing 6 1/2 lbs a piece! The mom walked 3 hours in the rain 12 hours after delivering 1 baby, still in labor with 13 more pounds of baby. Can you even imagine?? In the midst of this the generator ran out of gas and they finished all this without electricity. Pastor called this morning and they had dismissed them to go home. (It is Haiti.) Everyone was doing well at this point. 😊 God’s provision is so wonderfully amazing. The power of prayer is so wonderfully amazing. I would like to ask for continued prayer for these 3 little miracles! Bondye bon! (God is good in Haitian Creole.)

2016-06 Triplets


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