Worshipping in the Dark   1 comment

Pastor Rosemond

Pastor Rosemond

What will it be like to be in the presence of the Holy of Holies? Will the beauty of Heaven even register? Someday we will know. I believe when we are in fellowship and are worshiping with other believers we are as close as we can get here on earth, we had that opportunity in Haiti. Thursday evening we arrived at the church in Sylvan to greetings from members of the congregation and Pastor Rosemond(above).

Church in Silvan

Church in Silvan

The church was cinder block and concrete with a tin roof. There was no air conditioning, fans, or even electricity.

Inside the church at Sylvan

Inside the church at Sylvan

We walked into the sanctuary. As visiting guests were guided to the front. The seating was a menagerie of cinder blocks and planks as well as chairs that members brought from home. The worship leader stood at the front and led the congregation in worship from a hymnal. The congregation sang beautifully from memory (most can’t read). The service continued as night settled in. Jim gave a message using an old table as a pulpit and a kerosene lamp for light. Moise a young pastor who traveled with us translated. At the end the church congregation sang a few more worship songs some of which we could recognize the tune. I was sure God was in this place and the surroundings didn’t matter.

By Bud

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  1. In His presence is the place to be!

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