“Let it Go” had Surgery   1 comment

Please pray for our brother.

Let It Go is on the right.

Let It Go is on the right.

Jeanruis Milius or better know as “Let it go” “Rezye”, had surgery this past Thursday and is still recovering. Let it Go is from Bataille a small mountain community which is a days walk away. His wife had to head back from St. Marc where he had his surgery to take care of their children and stuff back home.
Marcel describes Let it Go like this – It’s like losing your 4 wheel drive in your vehicle! When he’s gone he is sorely missed. This hard working saint is one of those that when he’s gone you start to realize that this person “just took care of things.”

Why a nickname like this? Check out this link to a very short video clip, and don’t forget to pray. http://www.hopeforhaiti.ws/#/photosvideos/colorado-video-clips – then click on video player and “Let it go”

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One response to ““Let it Go” had Surgery

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  1. Praying for Let it go and his speedy recovery

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